Got Antler? Wheat, Corn and Soy Free Cookies

Introducing The Got Antler? Line Of Wheat, Corn and Soy Free Cookies!!

As Pet Parents we know how difficult it is to pick the right treats for your dog. So many of our pets have serious allergies due to wheat, soy and corn. We took the guesswork out of it for you. Wheat, Corn and Soy Free. Made right here in the USA with locally sourced ingredients. Our dogs have gone barking mad for these cookies, and we know your dogs will be tail waggin too! With 7 Flavors to choose from, you cant go wrong!

Freshly baked, hand-cut, and decorated into paw perfect fun shapes. All of our dog treats are wheat, corn, and soy free!

Got Antler?

The Dog Chew Antler Experts