Natural Salmon Chews 5oz

Size: 5 oz of salmon strips

Barkworthies® All-Natural Alaskan Salmon Skin are full salmon fillets cooked to a crunchy perfection that your dog’s taste buds will love! Not only will your dog enjoy these flavorful treats, but these vitamin-rich treats are packed with Omega-3s, which can help improve and maintain healthy skin and coat. Alaskan Salmon Skin is a high-protein dog treat that contains heart-healthy fats and can boost immunity. Salmon is also a great immune booster and is easy on the stomach. Your dog can get all these benefits from this single-ingredient treat!
Give your dog a full piece of Alaskan Salmon Skin fillet, depending on their size, or break them up for a great training aid! Barkworthies makes it easy to feed your dog these highly beneficial treats without cooking or deboning salmon yourself! And as with all Barkworthies treats and chews for dogs, you’ll never have to worry about preservatives, chemicals or hormones! And Alaskan Salmon Skin is an American dog treat!