Pre-Order Moo-Nosh Moose Antler A Great Way To Try A Moose Antler ( For Dogs Under 50lbs) NOW available in 5 Flavors!

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bacon, beef, chicken, peanut butter or cheese

Here is our Moo-Nosh Moose Antler that is a great way to try a moose antler for dogs under 50 lbs. Now Available in 5 FLAVORS!! It is any size from 1- 1 1/2inches wide by 5-6 inches long, size will vary. It is cut from the paddle, so it is not very thick and will not last as long as other antlers. ( This is not meant for powerful chewers) The picture shows a representation of shapes within the size. You will receive one antler per price. Our naturally shed moose antlers come from Maine and Alaska. No animals are harmed while collecting our sheds.