• Got Dog Chews? Private Label Treats
    Got Dog Chews? Private Label Treats

Got Antler? Is Your Best Choice For Premium Quality Naturally Shed Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Dog Chews throughout the United States. We are an East Coast company, based out of New Jersey. We sell our antlers online and have expanded to small pet boutiques and other quality stores. We offer sizes from Extra small to 3XL, and we can custom cut any antler size for your dog's chewing needs. Our Antlers, originating from top-grade, naturally-shed, are gathered by personally selected shed hunters and then shipped directly to Got Antler? They are then cleaned organically, crafted into nature's perfect, eco-friendly, premium dog chew and sanded for chewing safety. Our Moose antlers come from Maine and Alaska. Our Elk comes from Colorado and Montana. No animals are harmed in procuring our products.

When brought to the market place, antlers are graded 1 through 4. Number 1's
are the freshest and number 4's are the antlers that have spent years on the
ground losing most of their nutritional value. Got Antler? products are
made exclusively from number 1's and 2's. This quality means more nutritional
value and no splintering. We give our customers more bone for the buck!

We ship throughout the United States and Abroad. Please contact us for any questions or comments at Gotantler@gmail.com.

Treat your dog to the best, that's better than all the rest.

Chew on to Gotantler.com

Got Antler?  Every Dogs #1 Choice For All Natural Treats and Chews!


Petunia loving her Got Antler?!
It's so amazing to me to see the joy come over a dog, from what I can tell from physical appearance, has suffered neglect for many years - to be given things they have never received before. When I gave her this antler that was donated to us from Got Antler? her face lite up and she smiled from ear to ear. Totally makes my heart warm. Please head on over to Got Antlers? Facebook page and tell them that their donation just made en elderly dogs life, so much better.- Ruffles Rescue

Rosie got 2 moose antlers in the mail and is she a tail wagging, happy dancing bully girl. She's carrying them all over the house. Thanks, Got Antler? for the great service!

Mullis Pups here! We all LOVE our antlers!! Thanks for being a sponsor in The Denver Dog costume contest! You definitely have 4 new customers here!!

I got Kaine an antler through your steal a deal auction..It would have been a $30-$40 antler, but I got it for $20. When I got it in the mail and first threw it to her, it weighed 2lbs. After 2 weeks of playing fetch with it, she discovered she can chew it too. This is it after 2 weeks of vigorous chewing. (1-2hrs at a time, a couple times a day, every day.) This same size (that it is now) sells for $20 at our local Petco. I'm very happy to have found your page! & Kaine is too.

Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer
I'm taking a break from raking leaves to chew on my Got Antler? that I won in The Denver Dog contest! xoxo ~Zo

Tri State Bullies Toadline  Our little man enjoying his antler that we got for him at the ABKC nationals yesterday!!

Moe Has Got Antler?

Watson loves his new moose antler!!

Arya loves her Moose antler from the Cranford street fair.

Bronson loves his new Moose Antler!!!

Renegade loves his new elk antler! He hasn't put it down since I brought it home!

Thank you so much for the moose antler Lilly loves it.

Paisley posing for the pic, while Pepper takes advantage.

Mia loves her elk antler!

Thank you Got Antler? for helping make my 3 dogs Christmas a GREAT one!! They each got an antler, and they LOVE them!!!

Thank you Got Antler? for helping make my 3 dogs Christmas a GREAT one!! They each got an antler, and they LOVE them!!!